Tuesday, April 27, 2010

spring cleaning!

Minty fresh, Image comics Freedom Force series! Freedom Force 1-6 signed by yours truly. I was too busy back when working on the game to actually illustrate these however I did design and co-create all the characters. The series is a retelling of the original story plus we cleared 6 pages in the last issue to feature a short story spotlighting Tombstone gone wild! This short is written by ken Levine and illustrated by me! anyway...enough with the huckster act...let's get down to brass tacks...I may have gone overboard ordering these back when and let's just say I have enough to wallpaper a small room. So I'm offering them up in sets of all six including shipping for a mere $20.00 bucks!...act now and you will receive a jade elephant pendent! "there is no elephant pendent"...


  1. I'll take them! Where do I sign?

  2. email me at fineskelington@hotmail.com and i can give you my paypal address.